Employment Services

Achieve Human Services

GSE – Group Supported Employment

A service that provides long-term, ongoing support services for an employed individual.

This group service provides Division members with an on-site supervised work environment in a community employment setting. Members are paid by the Qualified Vendor or employer for work performed in accordance with State and Federal law.

  1. To provide members the opportunity to work in an environment that allows for maximum interaction among diverse populations.
  2. To provide members with gainful, productive, and paid work.
  3. To support members in developing skills, abilities, and behaviors that will enable them to most fully realize their vocational aspirations including supporting their transition into a more independent employment setting.
  4. To help members maintain positive work habits, attitudes, skills, and work etiquette directly related to their specific employment, as well as assisting the member to become a part of the informal culture of the workplace.


A service that provides or assists in obtaining various types of transportation for specific needs. This service provides non-emergency ground transportation as prior approved by the Division when transportation is not already required by the service specification. There are two (2) types of transportation: 1) scheduled, and 2) on demand. “Scheduled” transportation is authorized when the Division member needs regular transportation to a day program service or an employment-related service. “On-demand” transportation is authorized when the member needs intermittent transportation to obtain an authorized service or to fulfill a mandatory obligation in the member’s planning document. The overall goal is to increase or maintain self-sufficiency, mobility, and/or community access of members.

ESA – Employment Support Aide

This service provides members with the one-to-one supports needed for the member to remain in his/her employment. These supports could include one (1) or more of the following three (3) options: personal care services, behavioral supports, and/or follow-along supports needed to maintain stable employment. The actual supports provided will be dependent upon member need; however, it is the Division’s expectation that this service will primarily be used to provide on-the-job follow-along supports for members in competitive employment.

This service is to provide the necessary level of support to empower the member to attain, maintain or advance in employment.