Programs & Services

Let’s ACHIEVE Together!

ACHIEVE Human Services is a social enterprise that has been serving individuals within the Yuma community since 1960. Through our quality programs and services, we support individuals with all types of disabilities with their personal growth and development that ultimately contributes to their independence and well-being. We believe that the community members that we serve excel in an environment where services are developed to address their individual needs and that they participate in the development of their own life goals and objectives.

ACHIEVE realizes that an individual’s independence and self-sufficiency are accomplished through confidence-building and self-empowering activities. This is addressed through activities that gradually build on a person’s existing strengths and expands that confidence into areas that are unknown or uncharted for the individual. Once this is developed and expanded upon, the individual is better capable of successfully integrating into the community and can then begin the employment journey.

A primary focus for ACHIEVE services is the ultimate employment opportunity for individuals we serve whether it is a developmental or intellectual disability, severe mental illness, substance abuse, chronic homelessness, or a wounded warrior. We pride ourselves in the numerous successful employment placements that we effect every year. These successful outcomes are achieved through one of the various activities that are part of ACHIEVE’s portfolio. Which consist of:

  1. Job training through individual and group supported employment
  2. Resume and interviewing skill development
  3. Work adjustment
  4. Job readiness activities
  5. On-the-job training
  6. Partnering with local community businesses for on-the-job training
  7. Actual employment opportunities within ACHIEVE at one of our federal government contracts; ACHIEVE currently boasts that 79% of our direct labor force are individuals with significant
  8. Housing options for individuals as they begin their journey to
  9. Case management services that address an individual’s behavioral healthcare needs.
  10. Independent living and social skill development

Most of ACHIEVE’s staff are specially trained and credentialled as employment specialists addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities. We believe in the strength of recognizing the Ability within the disability. We are accredited through the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Federal Government Contracts:

    State Government Contracts

    Arizona Department of Economic Security (ADES)

    Division of Developmental Disabilities (DES/DDD)

    • Group Supported Employment
    • Individual Supported Employment/Support Aide
    • Transition to Employment
    • Adult Day Training Program
    • Transportation

    Rehabilitation Services Administration (DES/RSA)

    • Work Adjustment Training
    • Job Development & Retention
    • Supported Employment

    Local Community Services

    ACHIEVE provides the following services to over 200 local community businesses and private homes:

    • Custodial
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Secured Document Destruction
    • Electronic Recycling
    • Electronic Refurbishing
    • Document Archiving

    Services are provided in Yuma County and surrounding communities.

    For Services or additional information call:
    (928) 341-0335 or toll-free (855) 231-8385